Meet Our Team


Howdy I’m Megan,

I’m #1 Hygienist. I try to do the best that I can to treat patients. I do this by Dr.Kim allowing me to spend enough time with the patients. I love the tender skill that is involved in treating patients. I educate, treatment plan, and answer any questions that patients may have before treatment. I live in the country and I love outdoor stuff. I’m devoted to my family. I have one younger sister and two brothers. My hope is that my career provides me with the flexibility to treat patients for a very long time and do many other things that will make me happy in life.


Hi I’m Sarah.

I’m a dental assistant at Emerald Terrace Dental Care. I love my job. I enjoy seeing people from all ages especially older ones. I get the satisfaction of knowing that the patients were helped out in whatever treatments that they needed for the day with my help.


Hi I’m Tanya!

I’m the #1 office manager here at Emerald Terrace Dental Care. I enjoy my work because I get to interact with our patients. I help them with scheduling their appointments, treatment planning, and coordinating referrals to other specialists. Basically I help the patients with anything that they may need. I enjoy my family time. I have 5 beautiful kids that keep me busy! My husband and I love Blues hockey, soccer, and outdoor activities with the kids.


Hi I’m Dr.Kim.

I graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) in 1996. And I love dentistry!!! It allows me to interact with people on a one to one basis. Dentistry lets me provide patients with immediate results whether its relieving their pain or fixing their broken tooth. I treat patients like they were my own.

I ultimately got into dentistry because I enjoy the hours that it gives me  to spend with my family.

Personally I enjoy my free time doing yard work and playing golf. I share my love with my wife Su and have two boys, Brett and Brian.




Hi I’m Selena.

I’m responsible for setting up the rooms, seating patients,assisting Dr.Kim, and cleaning the rooms. I am currently a senior in high school pursuing a career in higher education  in the dental field.